May Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:
May 4th – Kentucky Derby Party
May 10th – Mother’s Day Brunch Celebration

Live Music:
May 1st – Patrick Rasmussen, 3pm
May 3rd – Felicia Duffy, 3pm
May 6th – Jerry and Myrt, 6:15pm
May 10th-Music with Clarice, 3pm
May 13th – Pat Lydon, 6:15pm
May 15th-Ron Burgess, 6:30pm
May 16th- Alan Mullikan, 3pm
May 17th- Music w/ Marge, 3pm
May 21st- Joan and Friend, 3pm
May 21st-Sweet Adelines, 6:15pm
May 26th- Steve Castell, 6:30pm
May 28th- Tenth Ave Vets, 3:pm
May 31st- Music with Felicia, 3pm